Il Magnifico 1449

Since our childhood we breathe this amazing mix of art, culture and belonging.In our veins flows the same lymph that during the centuries, gave birth to the greatest masters known all over the world, men who knew how to create in the course of time this piece of Paradise also known as Tuscany.




Il Magnifico 1449 was born in the heart of Tuscany from the combination  of old carpenters and experienced decorators who have created, thanks to their extensive knowledge and their foresight, a unique collection, which features the accuracy of the processing and refinement of the finishes and decorations.
Their expertise is based on the high levelled tuscan ancient craft tradition.
The fine wood furniture, finished with delicate paintings and complex and sophisticated decorations, creatse particularly elegant and original surroundings, emphasizing every little detail.
Our products are targeted at an especially excellent clientele, one who’s attentive to details and quality, while also offering the possibility of customize each piece.

Via dell'industria 15/17 53035 Monteriggioni (SI) Italy

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